GSTR 4 Composition Return – Detail Explain

What is GSTR4 ? How to file GSTR4?

gstr4 gst composition
gstr4 composition return gst

GSTR4 is return for those dealers who are registered under GST Compostion scheme.Taxpayer who opted Composition scheme under GST are compulsory to file GSTR4 quarterly i.e 4 return will go yearly.GSTR4 is only return for composition dealers unlike in other there is 3 return.

FAQ rearding GSTR4:

1.What Is GSTR-4?

GSTR 4 is a quarterly return for those who opted Composition Scheme in GST.The GSTR 4 is only one return for composition dealers unlike in others there is 3 return.
2.Who Should File GSTR-4?
Every Composition Dealer in GST is required to file the GSTR-4.
3.When GSTR-4 is due for filing?or due date of GSTR4?
The due date for filing GSTR-4 is 18 of Month after Quarter End*.
jan-mar due date is 18 April .
Apr-jun due date is 18 July.
4.What if GSTR-4 not filled or late filled.
As per 23 gst council meering,late filling or non filing of GSTR-4 will liable for late fees.The Late fees for NIL tax liability return is 20 RS per day i.e (10 CGST+10 SGST)  and otherwise it is 50 RS per day i.e (25 CGST+25 SGST).
5.How to Revise GSTR4?
GSTR 4 cannot be revised once you filed it,any mistake done can be ractify in next quarter return i.e mistake in oct-dec gstr4 can be ractify in next quarter i.e jan-mar gstr4.
6.How to file GSTR4?
Currently filing of GSTR 4 is availabe only by using of offline tool.The full guide for filing is below.Watch the Full Video for correct filing of gstr4.
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